Love Your Smile – In a Snap! Snap-On Smiles In Philadelphia

At Rittenhouse Dental Group, your Philadelphia dentist is proud to offer the Snap-On Smile® solution for your smile concerns. Imagine achieving the smile of your dreams without having to endure one injection, any invasive preparation, or the use of adhesives. You can stop dreaming … this is a reality with Snap-On Smile, a custom-made removable arch that fits securely over your teeth. Completely reversible, it covers stains, gaps, missing teeth, or chips to painlessly and easily give you a beautiful smile.

Snap-On-Smile is a custom-fitted appliance that you slip over your teeth to hide cracks, chips, overlapping teeth, missing teeth, and stains. Made with specialized resin, the appliance is very thin yet uncompromising in its strength. There are nineteen color shades and eighteen different smile designs from which to choose, providing you with an ample array of smile fashion.

This is how we make your Snap-On-Smile in Philadelphia…

  • We take upper lower impressions of your teeth.
  • Together, we choose from the preferred shape and shade options. Share your dream smile with us, and we will share our esthetic expertise with you.
  • Your impression and applicable dental information are sent to the lab for fabrication, and in less than three weeks, your beautiful Snap-On-Smile is ready!

Snap-On Smile is great for patients in Philadelphia who are dental phobic and/or medically compromised. It is also ideal if you have been considering a more permanent cosmetic procedure like veneers. There are no shots, drilling, or cement, and your new smile is removable. You can even eat while wearing it! It’s heat and stain resistant so you can enjoy that hot coffee or red wine, without worrying about your smile.

Don’t imagine your dream smile… Get it! Give us a call and book your no-obligation consultation today!

Yours in excellent dental health,
Dr. Jian Huang, your Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia Dentist