Body Wraps Edmonton

Article provided by: The Self Centre Massage and Wellness

Body Wraps Edmonton

If you have looked into alternative methods for weight loss, you may have heard of body wrapping. A lot of spas now offer body wrap treatments, and if you’re looking for body wraps in Edmonton, The Self Centre is a place you should try out.

What is body wrapping?

Body wrapping is a method of wrapping all or part of your body in material such as fabric or plastic, to trigger weight loss effects. Spas offer them as an alternative weight loss method for those who don’t want to exercise or who are suffering from pain that prevents them from resorting to demanding workout routines.

Body wrapping works because when your body is firmly wrapped, the body temperature in that area will increase. When your body temperature elevates, you burn extra calories through sweating. There are many different types of body wrapping treatments available at spas these days.

What are the different types of body wrapping?

There are a variety of body wrapping treatments available at spas, depending on what their applications are. Although body wrapping is ideal for weight loss efforts, body wraps are also great for treating the skin on your entire body. They can moisturize and strengthen the deeper layers of your skin, and some treatments are even used for treating cellulite, as well as providing a soothing effect at the skin level.

If you’re specifically looking for weight loss body wraps in Edmonton, the Self Centre offers infrared body wraps. Infrared body wraps use infrared heat to elevate your body’s temperature, induce sweating and hence burn extra calories. Infrared body wrapping also has the added benefit of reducing cellulite and improving blood circulation in the skin.

There are also other benefits that include smoothing out your skin and reducing cellulite and muscle and joint pain.

What happens during infrared body wrapping?

During infrared body wrapping, specially formulated creams are applied to the whole body or to your specific target area. You then wear a tight, plastic body suit and spend about 40 minutes in a sauna that’s heated by infrared heat.

To cool the body, your body will have to work a lot harder due to the extra layer of plastic on your skin. You will sweat more and lose calories. However, as you will sweat a lot, it is essential that you drink plenty of water before.

What are the benefits of infrared body wrapping?

Infrared body wrapping takes body wrapping to a new level. Normal body wraps don’t have applied heat. Here, your body has to work even harder because there’s applied infrared heat which will raise your body temperatures to greater levels.

Body wrapping treatments such as infrared body wraps can burn almost 900 calories during a 45-minute session. Hence, it is an excellent alternative to weight loss for people who don’t like to or are physically unable to exercise. You can find the best body wraps in Edmonton, offered by The Self Centre.

Body Wraps Edmonton