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Philadelphia's top family dentists at Rittenhouse Dental Group offer comprehensive preventative and restorative dental services for adults and children in Philadelphia and the surrounding communities.

Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry which focuses on providing care to children from birth through adolescence. The best dentistry practice includes promoting the dental health of child patients as well educating parents about how to best care for their children’s teeth.

Family dental patients who seek the best dentist in Philadelphia are able to find a dental home at the Rittenhouse Dental Group. Parents with newborn children should bring them in within six months of the child’s first tooth or by the child’s first birthday, whichever comes first.

Many parents delay dental care for children; however, it is necessary to establish a relationship with your child’s dentist sooner rather than later as early detection is the most important tool to maintaining oral health. Your child’s dentist can also provide guidelines for strong dental habits.

Parents with child patients of the Rittenhouse Dental Group receive information on preventive home care to promote their children’s oral health, such as tips on proper brushing techniques, how to floss and fluoride treatments to strengthen the children’s teeth.

Other issues that your family dentist at the Rittenhouse Dental Group will include an overall risk assessment. The expert pediatric dental care that the Rittenhouse Dental Group provides also includes information on how finger and thumb biting, as well as pacifier sucking, will have on your child’s teeth. They will also provide safety tips on how best to avoid injuries to your child’s teeth and mouth, as well as nutritional advice for strong, healthy teeth and a general outlook for what to expect as your child’s teeth grow and develop.

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