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Emergency Dentist - Philadelphia Dental Emergency Center

Whether it is broken tooth, severe tooth ache requiring a visit to a root canal dentist or broken denture, Rittenhouse Dental Care emergency dentists in Philadelphia are always here to offer you first dental aid.

Dental emergency care is needed when the teeth or gums are suddenly in pain. Even if the pain is minor, it can be caused by a major underlying issue that must be dealt with immediately. The dental emergency center at Rittenhouse Dental Care is equipped to evaluate the cause of the emergency and minimize to the teeth, gums and bone. Our professionals can also provide short term pain relief.

If your dental emergency requires Endodontic therapy, or what is commonly called a root canal, the experts at Rittenhouse Dental Group are here to help you. During a root canal, the dentist eliminates infection and protects the tooth against future infections. In these cases, cracks and decay on the tooth have usually allowed an infection.

When performing the root canal procedure, the dentist first drills into the pulp chamber of the tooth and removes the infected pulp. Once the infected tissue has been cleared, the dentist continues to drill out the nerve with a handheld instrument called a file. After all of the tissue is removed and the dentist has cut off the nerves and blood supply, the tooth is typically fitted with a crown.

Root canal therapy from the Rittenhouse Dental Group range in price from $700 for the anterior front teeth and $800 for the biscuspid premolar teeth to $925 for the molar teeth. The Rittenhouse Discount Dental Plan offers a discount of 20% on root canal procedures, bringing the respective costs to $560, $640 and $740.

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