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Tooth Bonding & Mercury-Free White Fillings

Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Dental Group provides affordable and professional services such as tooth bonding and replacement of your silver fillings with white composite mercury-free white fillings.

Dental bonding is a procedure in which a tooth-colored material is applied and cured with a visible, blue light. The curing process bonds the material to the tooth, enhancing the appearance of the patient’s teeth. Dental bonding is typically used to repair fissures and chips as well as to diminish or totally get rid of gaps. Dentists also use bonding to fill cavities while maintaining a more natural appearance than results with traditional fillings; however, it should be noted that bonding is not usually a permanent solution such as veneers.

Many patients see a general dentist with silver fillings wish to replace them with natural, tooth colored fillings. While many patients who opt for white fillings do so to create a more beautiful smile, there are additional benefits to white composite fillings. Silver fillings contain small amounts of mercury, a toxic material.

Other reasons for choosing white composite fillings over traditional silver fillings is that the composite material bonds directly with the damaged tooth and restores its original structure. Silver fillings, on the other hand, may weaken the tooth and make it more likely to break. Teeth restored with white composite fillings also require less of the original tooth structure to be removed, thus resulting in a stronger finished product. Patients with white composite fillings also experience less tooth sensitivity to hold and cold, and of course, have a bright, radiant smile.

Although white fillings are more expensive than traditional silver fillings, the Rittenhouse Discount Dental Plan provides a 20% discount on the cost. Patients who receive multiple fillings also receive a reduced rate per filling.

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